Junior Ballet Grades concepts

Children love these ‘dance stories’ [mimes]. They express: kind actions; kind words; anti-bullying; not holding a grudge; forgiveness issues; fair play; realization that sometimes we have wrongly treated another and what to do about it; respect; being helpful in a family situation; choosing thought life; initiating friendships; honesty expressing feelings when hurt; the wonder of life; respect for all living things; lost and found; and treating others as you wish to be treated.

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Senior Ballet Grades concepts:

Senior levels express mature concepts such as - their innate value as a person - therefore addressing self esteem issues which is so prevalent at this age; respect and care of self and others; and recognition and respect of our hidden talents and abilities as they come to light; that all things are gloriously made and reflect their Creator’s wisdom, understanding and power; that there are pathways in life that lead to peace of the soul even in difficult situations; there are pathways in life that lead to devastation - and we choose; that there is protection in God’s presence and ability to start afresh and overcome the negatives of life. Some of these are expressed in allegories.


Who Can Participate?

Parents of all persuasions are choosing dance schools that use our curriculums. They are open to all, regardless of body type or world view. We are possibly the fastest growing dance organisation. By the networking of teachers we now have dance schools using our curriculums in 5 continents.